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Ocularis PS delivers the highest-quality video surveillance and security, providing access to an unlimited number of cameras at a single or at multiple locations across the organization—at an unbeatable value.

Authorized operators are able to efficiently control cameras using a unique workflow, for live monitoring, investigating recorded video and generating quality video evidence.

Ocularis PS runs on off-the-shelf hardware, and supports thousands of camera models. You can leverage your existing cameras and hardware, or choose the devices that best fit your needs. Your investment is protected for years to come.

Sample Applications

  • Standalone school
  • Hospital campus
  • Centrally managed school district
  • Chain of franchise locations
  • Residential buildings

Feature Set

  • Scalable for unlimited number of cameras
  • Multiple video recording servers at multiple sites
  • Free, unlimited installs of the Ocularis Client operator interface
  • Up to four concurrent authorized users
  • Centralized user rights management
  • Instant Investigation during live monitoring
  • Advanced video investigation tools
  • Native motion detection
  • Audio-included video evidence export
  • Map navigation with active camera previews
  • Single-camera increment licensing
  • Support for thousands of camera models